Goals: Should they be Large or Small?

August 7, 2015


Setting goals is an essential part of having success in any area of our lives. When we set good goals, work toward them, and finally achieve what we set out to do, we gain a real sense of self fulfillment and happiness. We can become whoever we want to be, but before we do, we must have goals and a plan to carry us there. In this interview, Pejman Ghadimi talks about some tips for setting goals and what we should keep in mind when we set goals for our life, business, or anything else.

Before we talk about the interview I want to suggest two things that I have learned while setting goals for myself.

  1. Its not a goal unless its written down. I have made so many goals in my life that its not even funny. And, for the great majority of them, I’ve either forgotten about them completely or simply not done anything to achieve it. Goals and wants are two things that sometimes get confused. If its not written down then its just a want, and as you’ve probably heard spat at you from someone who has never written down their goals, “nobody ever gets what they want”.
  2. Look at your goals everyday! This one is so huge! There is no way you or I will ever get  to our goals if we never even look at them and keep them fresh in our mind. I have seen in my own life that when I’m not constantly reviewing my goals, I forget about them or turn my focus on other things. So write them down and look at them everyday before going to bed or every morning when you get up, or both.

So in the video Ghadimi answers the question of whether we should set large goals or small goals. He answers that “we should set both. Setting large goals is important because it helps us see the ultimate goal of what we are trying to do. And setting smaller goals help us along the path to reach our large goals.

I like to think about it like this: Our large goal is like making it to the top of the stairs; our small goals are like the individual steps to get there. It’s important to note that it is really hard to reach large goals without small goals, and to reach small goals without large goals. We need both to help us be consistently moving upward.

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Desire: The Ultimate Driving Force

August 5, 2015

Success is the man


I have been reading a book by Napoleon Hill called “Think and Grow Rich”. I’m not very far into it by any means but I just wanted to share a few of things that I have learned from what I have read so far, and maybe share some of the stories that it shares.

The over-lying theme of the book, as far as I have figured out, is that of desire, and the power that it has in each of our lives. Desire is drives us to act and be and to do. If it weren’t for our desires, I don’t think we would ever do anything. We even do things we don’t want to because of desire. Think about it. When you were younger, your parents most likely gave you a curfew. You were probably late a few time but for the most part you tried to get home for curfew. Why though? Because you didn’t want the consequence of not being home in time. So even though you would have rather stayed out later, you came home because the alternative was less appealing than. Our desires are what control us and dictate pretty much every move we make.

In the book “Think and Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill continually talks about a “secret” that is hidden within the pages and only discoverable by those who are ready to hear it. This ‘secret’ is the one that allowed Andrew Carnegie to make millions. It is the same secret that has allowed hundreds of others to do the same. Napoleon Hill says that the ‘secret’ may be different for different people, depending on what they need.

For me, as of now, the secret has to do with the hidden powers of desire. If we can learn to control and manipulate our own desires then we will have the success that we aspire to.

Hill tells the story of a man who was completely broke. He didn’t even have enough money to pay for his own train ticket to get to another part of the country. But, this man had a desire and was totally committed to achieving it. He wanted to be a business partner for the famous inventor Thomas Edison. Even though he had no money, he went to meet Thomas Edison and, because of his determination, convinced him to hire him. He then took advantage of every opportunity that came his way and eventually became Edison’s partner, being in charge of selling his inventions.

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“Pain Creates Passion”

July 31, 2015

Trail of LifeAwesome! So today I’m gong to talk about an interview I heard on J. Massey’s podcast of Rock Thomas with GoBundance.  He grew up on a farm where he learned hard work and the value of time management. During his growing up years he remember that his family didn’t have a TV so he almost never watched it. He remembers going to his families library to read lots of books where he learned incredible values.

I really love this interview because Rock Thomas talks a lot about the importance a good lifestyle plays in success. There are a lot of really great pieces of advise that I will talk about, that I think will help you and I be a better person and enjoy life more fully.

Growing up on a farm, Rock Thomas learned the value of raising early every morning. This is something that he advocates very strongly throughout the interview. He says, “Tell me what you do before 8 o’clock in the morning, and after 8 o’clock at night, I will be able to predict your financial success”.  He advocates having a solid morning routine in which, you mentally prepare for the day and lay the groundwork for success.

After 8 pm, Thomas says that one “shouldn’t have someone else imprint on you information of their choosing” through TV, radio, etc. Rather, he says to do something productive. We dont have to just go home and “relax”. Our body can do way more than we think but it has been conditioned to behave a certain way. “A body” says Thomas, “that is not in motion, will tend to stay not it motion”. If we keep ourself moving and active then we will find we have more energy that we ever thought.

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You Made It!

July 24, 2015


 (Picture Credit: wired.co.uk)

You might be asking yourself, “why did he call this site Free Rune Scape?”. Or maybe you’re saying, “this doesn’t look anything like RuneScape to me”.

Thats a fair question/statement. The reason this site is called Free Rune Scape is because there are so many people in the world today that spend so much of their lives online playing games like RuneScape, World of Warcraft, or anything else in the role-play category – that they ultimately know the online avatar they have created better than they actually know themselves.

They could be playing something much more interesting and exciting: Life. It is free of charge. It is real. It goes by quickly. If we’re not careful our life can slip by us like a a car traveling in on-coming traffic. We won’t have even had the chance to look it squarely in the face. Sure there are challenges. We have to pay bills and buy food, and work and everything; but to really experience life is a free gift that each of us has been given. So to me, Free Rune Scape is somewhat of a metaphor for life.

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